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Ooh Sisu!

(Pronounced see-soo)

This little gem caught my eye amongst a cluttered bookshelf at my local coffee shop this morning 💎

Sisu, 'to have guts' is the Finnish art of courage. There isn’t a single-word translation; it's about having stoic determination, hardiness, courage, bravery, will power, tenacity and resilience.

In this delightfully illustrated book, Joanna Nylund describes Sisu as an action-orientated mindset and summarises the concept beautifully:

“Rather than the stamina to run up a hill, Sisu is the strength to put one foot in front of the other.”

Couldn’t we all do with a bit Sisu? That grit, that deep-rooted belief that we can and will achieve, even in adversity.

“Sisu starts when where your perceived strength runs out.”

I love this.

Thanks Joanna Nylund for introducing me to Sisu, I’ve ordered my very own copy of your book - I hope someone else stumbles across this lovely find as they enjoy their flat white ☕

Keep pushing, folks. You can do it.

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