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Hi, I'm Lu!

I am a qualified corporate coach, a business owner, mum to my gorgeous little girl and a communications and engagement consultant with over 15 years experience in the corporate world.


A healthy, happy and fulfilled life is important to me; so I prioritise exercise, fresh air, challenging work,

good food and time with loved ones; they bring me daily joy. 
I love to travel – I’ve visited over 40 countries – and with a kiwi family, we have the pleasure of making
regular visits to New Zealand, my home from home.

I’m Director of Consultancy at scarlettabbott, one of the UK’s leading consultancies for strategy, culture, internal communications and engagement. I specialise in purpose, vision and strategy communications, as well as providing business coaching, workshop design and facilitation. 


I believe my role as a coach is to enhance my client’s performance - a coach is the one person who has the sole purpose of helping you be your best. My clients trust me to be that individual. We work together to get clear on their wants and ambitions, and define a focused plan to achieve them; identifying blind spots, building confidence, challenging limiting beliefs and celebrating successes along the way.

Your agenda is my agenda.

Why I coach

Quite simply, I get a buzz from seeing people thrive!  


I find people fascinating; I love learning about their passions, discovering what they’re really good at, the things that challenge them, and the reasons they get out of bed. I have a huge belief in the power of individuals and, with the right focus, what they can achieve. I love to see progress and through coaching, I’m able to help others move forward, doing and creating more. 


I’m confident, outgoing and successful, but that doesn’t mean I’ve always found life easy. Self-doubt has been a frequent visitor in my career and, at times, I've felt quite isolated. Managing a team, your business results and your stakeholders can be a tricky balance, often leaving you feeling like you’re out there alone, with no one truly in your corner.
This is where a coach is invaluable.

For me, coaching is all about helping people clarify their vision and create a path to reach it, building the mindset and skills they need to achieve the results they want  along the way.


I make lives, and business, better.  

That’s why I coach. And that’s why I love it.


Ready to clarify your vision and create a path to reach it? 

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