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As leaders, the way we behave is closely observed and frequently imitated – what an incredible superpower to have! So, how do we make the most of it?

Imagine working for Adidas and jogging into work in your Nike trainers. How about being a nutritionist and eating nothing but junk food? Or working in a library and never picking up a book? I worked for Nestlé for years and the idea of settling down in the canteen to eat a Mars bar was simply unthinkable. This isn’t just about brand loyalty; it’s about believing in what you do and living true to your values.

As a business coach and employee engagement consultant, I wax lyrical to my clients about the importance of sharing and celebrating successes. Not only is there a ton of research out there proving its effectiveness, I personally believe it’s an incredibly positive and impactful thing to do. But, I’m really bad at doing it for myself.

So, my resolution this year, is to wear my own products. You’ll be seeing more regular posts and updates as I publicly share my little wins and milestone achievements. And yes, I’m also creating accountability by telling you this upfront – something else I preach!

I challenge you to think about the way you behave. Does it live up to the expectations you hold of your team and colleagues? Does it follow the guidance you give others? Does it represent the attributes you value?

The influence our behaviours have on others is far reaching; as the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words’, so think about your actions, both professionally and in your personal life, and consider who might be watching. Are you living up to your own standards? Are you holding yourself accountable?

The beauty of this challenge is that it enables you to live more simply. No overnight overhaul required! All you need is to do is be true to your own ideals, checking yourself and making some small uplifts, and before you know it, you’ll see positive change in yourself and those around you.

Will you be living more authentically? Yes. Will you influence others around you to live by higher standards? Absolutely. Will you feel like a better version of yourself? Let me know!

If you’d like some support to set your own resolutions and goals for 2022 and get clarity on your vision, I can help. Book a free consultation today.

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