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Coaching for inspirational and influential women

I help women thrive in business, 
by creating clarity, increasing confidence and taking decisive action.

Managing a team, your business results and your stakeholders can be a tricky balance,
often leaving you feeling like you’re out there alone, with no one truly in your corner.

This is where a coach is invaluable. 

I’ll help you get clear on your vision, establish the right mindset
and build an action plan to propel your ambitions to life.

Whatever your challenge, your agenda is my agenda

Whether you’re starting a business, defining a new strategy, managing change, planning your next career move, refining your leadership style or trying to grow the capacity and capability of your team, I’ll help you get clear on your goals, establish the right mindset and build an action plan to propel your ambitions to life.   

My positive and energetic approach is centred around an unshakeable belief:
your individual potential and strength is more powerful than you know. 
I’ll work with you to transform that
potential into powerful action that delivers
 personal business success.    

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, making sure you harness the motivation and momentum to succeed. And I’ll be your most honest ally, 
asking the tough questions and sharing my candid reflections, challenging you when you’re not being your best and pushing you to reframe your thinking when it’s getting in your way.  


As a communication and engagement consultant specialising in strategy, vision and purpose,
I’ve helped many organisations to unleash the potential of their most valuable asset: their people.
I understand the challenges and rewards of corporate life, having worked in-house for a global manufacturing company and on key accounts in retail, leisure, construction, and financial
and professional services.  


Together, we’ll tackle your challenges
and realise your goals.
 I’ll be the most productive call of your week,
injecting energy and drive into your day.


Jacey, Senior Writer
and Account Manager 

You’re a beacon of positivity and a force for good, thank you! 

Caro, Managing Partner,
Boutique Law Firm 

Never have I moved so quickly and made such clear decisions. 

You helped me connect my values and business aspirations which gave me real clarity. 

Without you,
I wouldn’t have the business 
I have today. 

Sue, Minister

Hugely valuable.

We’ve made a step-change in the way we run our organisation and created real traction for the future.


Thank you for being so generous with your time and energy. 


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